The North Pole

A turning point in Caroline's life came when she met a polar explorer called Pen Hadow. Pen encouraged Caroline to believe she could go to the Arctic and, in 1995, they launched the first-ever all women's expedition to the North Pole. Over 200 'ordinary' women said they wanted to come too, and Caroline and Pen held two gruelling selection weekends on Dartmoor to whittle the group down to the 20 they required.

The North Pole expedition was a relay. It involved five teams of four women (aged from 21 to 51) with two guides, and between them they pulled their sledges 500 miles across the frozen Arctic Ocean. Click here to visit the expedition web site. Caroline was in the last team of women and they reached the North Pole on May 27th 1997. It was an extraordinary achievement but, as soon as she had done it, Caroline knew that she wanted more. About a year after coming back from the North Pole, she decided to go to the South Pole, and this time to go all the way.


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